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Published: 2018-12-11
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November 9 -17(BLT Main House at 7-45) NOT SUNDAY

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton directed by Colleen Batson

Last performed at BLT in 1976 this classic thriller, set in Victorian London, was first performed in 1938 and later filmed twice in Britain and the US. There are not many plays whose names have become part of the dictionary but with Hamilton’s psychological melodrama ‘gaslighting’ has come to mean the mental abuse that causes someone to doubt their own sanity in the manner that Jack Manningham inflicts on his wife Bella in Gaslight. Recent reviews of professional national tours demonstrate that the play has definitely stood the test of time and remains chillingly atmospheric and thrillingly contemporary.

November 21- 25 (In the Bar at 7-45)

Blink by Phil Porter directed by Andrew

Making his directorial at BLT, Andrew directs Blink which won a Fringe First Award at Edinburgh before transferring to great acclaim at the Soho Theatre in London. It is the tale of Jonah, Sophie and a fox called Scruffilitis. It’s a love story. A dysfunctional, voyeuristic and darkly funny love story, but a love story all the same. An oddly engaging, romantic comedy that transforms themes of loneliness and grief into something tender and lovable.

December 7 – 15 (BLT Main House at 7-45) NOT SUNDAY

A Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare directed by Hilary Cordery

Hilary Cordery directs Shakespeare’s deliciously raucous comedy of mistaken identity which surprisingly has never previously been performed at BLT. One of Shakespeare’s earliest and shortest works it provides countless opportunities for physical comedy, inventive slapstick, music, mischief and mayhem -  what better way to close the BLT 2018 season and prepare us all for the festivities of Christmas.