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BLT 2019 Season Update

Published: 2018-09-11
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Main House

January 11th– 19th(not Sunday 13th)

Jeeves and Wooster in ‘Perfect Nonsense’

By David and Robert Goodall. Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner
The inimitable Bertie Wooster tells how he reconciled the affections of Madeline Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle, whilst avoiding amateur dictator Sir Roderick Spode and trying to steal a    silver cow creamer (assisted by the ever-dependable Jeeves).  PG Wodehouse’s much-loved characters come to life in a riot of laughter, silliness and theatrical invention. A spiffing start to 2019.

In The bar

January 23rd– 27th

The Children

by Lucy Kirkwood. Directed by Patrick Neylan.
Hazel and Robin are two retired nuclear scientists trying to lead a normal life in the wake of a disaster at the power station where they used to work.  But when a fellow scientist they haven’t seen for years turns up, their precariously ordered existence is disrupted. A gripping drama exploringour responsibilities to future generations.

Main House

February 8th– 16th(not Sunday 10th)

Terra Nova

By Ted Tally.  Directed by Paul Ackroyd
A stirring account of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, this inventive play captures the bravery of men who must accept that suffering and death will be the only reward for their heroism.  A compelling study of British pride and resolve in the face of bitter failure, we are proud to bring this intense yet uplifting story to our stage.

Main House

March 8th– 16th(not Sunday 10th)

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen, adapted by Bryony J. Thompson.  Directed by Julie Binysh
The tale of the courtship between the fiercely independent Miss Elizabeth Bennett and arrogant, wealthy Mr. Darcy needs no introduction.  But this fresh yet faithful version injects a new vitality that will delight Austen fans and create many new ones.

In The Bar

March 20th  – 24th


By John Godber.  Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner
Join Gail, Hobby and Salty, three fifth form students who, through their end of term play, tell the hilarious story of an unsuspecting new drama teacher in his perilous first days inside a local comprehensive school. Crammed with unforgettable characters, political left-hooks and razor-sharp wit, Teechers is top-of-the-class comedy.

Main House

April 5th– 13th(not Sunday 7th)

Young Marx

by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman. Directed by Pauline Armour.
Following its debut as the opening production at London’s Bridge Theatre, BLT is thrilled to secure the rights to this superb new comedy from the creator of One Man Two Guvnors.Charting his unpromising beginningsliving in Soho with writer’s block, a marriage on the blink, and endlessly pursued by creditors and spies, Young Marxwill also be our entry in the 2019 Bromley and Kent Drama festivals.

Main House

May 10th– 18th(not Sunday 12th)


by Joe Orton.  Directed by Stevie Hughes.
Uproarious slapstick ensues as two friends stash the loot from a bank robbery in an occupied coffin, attempting to hide it from a psychopathic policeman, a gold-digging nurse and a grieving widower.  “Rude, blasphemous, corrosive and as fresh today as when it was written,

‘Loot’ is not for the easily offended. But it’s their loss” – Daily Express

In The Bar

May 22nd– 26th


By Mike Bartlett.  Directed by Rob Widdicombe
The knives are out in the office and three youngish business people are waiting to hear which of them will lose his or her job. As they await the verdict, they debate each other’s chances of survival. And in the struggle for that, no blow is too low… A tense, powerful play that lays bare the bruising world of office politics.
This production contains strong language.

Main House

June 7th – 15th (not Sunday 9th)

We Happy Few

by Imogen Stubbs. Directed by Colleen Batson
With the men away fighting Hitler and the bombs falling on London, a ‘girls only’ theatre company sets out in a battered 1920s Rolls-Royce to bring Shakespeare to culture-starved wartime Britain. Inspired by the real-life Osiris Players – whose travelling productions inspired actors like Judi Dench – this is a big-hearted celebration of the power of theatre.

Main House

July 5th– 13th(not Sunday 7th)

She Stoops to Conquer

by Oliver Goldsmith.  Directed by Mike Darbon.
Kate Hardcastle is to meet the eligible Marlow with a view to marriage. Marlow is tongue-tied with the upper classes and lecherous with commoners. So when he is tricked into believing Kate’s ancestral home is a country inn and mistakes Kate for a lowly barmaid the stage is set for misunderstanding, mischief and mayhem.  A delightful 18thcentury romp.

Main House

July 18th–  20th

Hard Times

by Charles Dickens, adapted by Stephen Jeffreys. Directed by Pauline Armour and Jessica-Ann Jenner
BLT’s Youth Group present this compelling adaptation of Dickens’ evocative saga, set in the north of England at the height of the Industrial Revolution. A tale of loss, love, pride before a fall and a deepening divide between rich and poor, Hard Times reveals a society in turmoil, making it as relevant today as it was in the 1860s.

Main House

September 13th–  21st(not Sunday 15th)

Goodnight Mr. Tom

by David Wood.  Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner
Young William Beech is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside where he forges a heart-warming friendship with the elderly recluse, Tom Oakley. All is perfect until William is suddenly summoned by his mother back to London…  A true modern classic, Michelle Magorian’s wonderfully uplifting novel is brought gloriously to life.

In The Bar

September 25th– 29th

On the Verge, or “The Geography of Yearning”

By Eric Overmeyer.  Directed by Jane Buckland.
Three Victorian lady travellers attempt to unravel the mystery of things as they set out for Terra Incognita and discover the future. A comedic safari that spins into time travel, this remarkable play is among the most imaginative works of the 20th century, captivating audiences with its sheer invention.

Main House

October  11th– 19th(not Sunday 13th)

Stuff Happens

By David Hare.  Directed by Hilary Cordery.
“How do we know Saddam’s got weapons of mass destruction? Because we’ve still got the receipts.”Acclaimed playwright David Hare turns his piercingly satirical gaze onto the political events leading up the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Riveting and full of drama and wickedly-pointed humour, this epic sweep of a play enriches, informs and entertains.

Main House

November 8th– 16th(not Sunday 10th)

Picnic at Hanging Rock

by Joan Lindsay.  Directed by Piers Newman.
In 1900, during a trip to a beauty spot in rural Australia, three schoolgirls and their teacher inexplicably vanish. Five female narrators attempt to reconstruct the mystery, but their efforts are overtaken by primal forces, taking us from civilisation to somewhere hostile, vast and unknown… A sublimely unsettling theatrical experience that sends shivers down the spine.

In The Bar

November 20th– 24th

Bully Boy

By Sandi Toksvig.  Directed by Gillian Gissing.
Sent to a combat zone to probe allegations of misconduct by a young squaddie who is part of a self-styled ‘Bully Boy’ unit of the British Army, Major Oscar Hadley discovers that in modern warfare ‘truth’ can be a point of view rather than a fact… A powerful, heartfelt play that dramatically reverses audience expectations.
This production contains strong language and racially offensive terms.

Main House

December 6th– 14th(not Sunday 8th)

Check back here to see what we are hoping to put on in December, you won’t want to miss it!

Directed by Pauline Armour
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