Bromley Theatre Guild

FLPF Proposal

Following a meeting of your Executive Committee on Monday 15th May 2017, it was unanimously agreed that the following proposal be put to all societies that wish to take part in the Annual Full Length Play Festival:

That while both the annual subscription and festival entry fee shall remain unchanged, societies taking part in the Festival be charged an additional levy of £1 per ticket sold for adjudication performances only.

Societies are already well aware of the ongoing need to raise funds for the Festival if it is to continue.  They are also aware that subscriptions and entry fees go no way towards financing what has effectively become the main ‘raison d’etre’ for the Guild’s existence.  While the individual fund raising efforts of some societies have gone some way towards meeting Festival costs thus far, it would be unjust and impractical to continue to depend on these societies as sources of income.

Kent Drama Association have successfully employed this income raising model for some years now and your committee feel strongly that in the absence of any alternative fund raising strategy to which all societies are prepared to commit themselves, it would appear to be the fairest and most practical way forward for the Guild to pursue.

Delegates are asked to present the proposal to their committees in order that a decision be taken at the next meeting of delegates on Wednesday 12th  July 2017.