Be Theatre Goers

Bromley Theatre Guild

The Guild's Rules

Article Index

9. Officers - The officers of the Guild shall be:-
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer

10. Committee - The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officer of the Guild and one representative of each member society. One other member of each member society may attend committee meetings and may speak but not vote.

11. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any other person on to the Committee as may be necessary to serve in an advisory or informative capacity.

12. Functions of the Committee - The Committee shall exist to conduct all the business of the Guild, to decide upon the policy of the Guild, and to ensure that the Rules of the Guild are adhered to by all members.

13. Election of Officers and Committee - All Officers shall be elected by the Guild at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting as may be necessary. Nominations should be received not less than three days before the election is due to occur. Prior consent of nominees should be obtained. All Officers and Committee shall retire at the end of each year, but may offer themselves for re-election. Election of officers shall be by show of hands, or by ballot in requested by any member present.

14. Annual General Meeting - Notice of an Annual General Meeting shall be given to every member not less than 14 days before the meeting.

15. The annual General Meeting shall be held each year not later than 31st March for the following purposes:-
(i) To appoint the President of the Society
(ii) To receive the Annual Accounts and the report of the Auditors for the preceding years.
(iii) To receive the Annual Report of the Chairman
(iv) To elect the Officers for the ensuing year in accordance with the foregoing rules.
(v) To consider the resolution of any member of which at least 7 days’ notice in writing shall have been given to the Secretary.
(vi) To consider any other matters affecting the Society.
(vii) To appoint a Hon. Auditor to audit the accounts of the Society for the ensuing year.

16. The President shall preside at the Annual General Meeting or, in his absence the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

17. Every member society shall be entitled to be represented at the Annual General Meeting and shall have the right to vote in the election of Officers and upon any resolution put to the meeting. Eight members personally present shall be a quorum.

18. Associate Members are entitled to Notice and be present at an Annual General Meeting but not vote.

19. Retiring Officers of the Guild shall have the right to vote with the exception of the President or other person chairing the meeting as set out below.