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Bromley Theatre Guild

The Guild's Rules

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20. Voting upon any resolution put to the meeting shall be by show of hands, or by ballot if so required by any member or officer present. The Chairman shall have no vote on any resolution unless there is an equality of votes, in which case he will have a casting vote.

21. Extraordinary General Meeting - An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee giving not less than 21 days’ notice of the meeting. Not less than five members of the Guild may, in writing, require the Committee to call an Extraordinary General Meeting. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called to elect any such Officers as may be required at that time, or to receive any special resolution of which at least 7 days’ notice shall have been given to the Committee, or to conduct any business which may be not be conducted at a meeting other than a General Meeting.

22. All members shall have the same rights at an Extraordinary General Meeting as they have at an Annual General Meeting. Eight members personally present shall be a quorum.

23. Finance - The financial year shall end on 31st December.

24. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account.

25. A bank account shall be operated in the Guild’s name. All cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by two of four Officers nominated by the Committee.

26. With the approval of the Guild’s bankers, the Guild may overdraw on the bank account to the limit stipulated by the Bankers.

27. A deposit account at a bank, building society or similar institution may be operated in the Guild’s name.

28. The Treasurer shall have the power to authorise expenditure in respect of the general running of the Guild, for which he shall account to the /committee at each Committee Meeting. Capital expenditure in excess of £5 must have the approval of the Committee.

29. Estimates of expenditure on a production must be submitted to the Committee for approval. The Committee may, at its discretion, refuse to reimburse any member for his personal expenditure incurred without the prior approval of the Committee.

30. At the discretion of the Committee, loans may be raised from whatever sources are available. Interest on loans shall be paid at a rate to be fixed by the Committee.

31. No member shall make a financial gain from the Guild, except as in Rule 29 or 32.