Be Theatre Goers

Bromley Theatre Guild

The Guild's Rules

Article Index

32. The Committee shall have the power to authorise the raising of money for the Guild subject to any restrictions which might be imposed by law from time to time. (These restrictions include a prohibition on permanent trading).

33. In the event of the dissolution of the Guild, a surplus of funds shall be distributed as follows:-
(i) Trade Creditors and loans
(ii) The balance of funds in hand shall be donated to a body or bodies connected with drama and having charitable status as shall be decided at the last general meeting of the Guild.

34. In the event that a financial deficit occurs at the time of dissolution, the Committee shall employ by means necessary and desirable to settle the debts of the Guild.

35. No individual shall be personally liable for any debts incurred by the Guild in the Guild’s name and with the approval of the committee.

36. Committee Meetings - The Committee shall meet as often as it finds necessary and in any event not less than six times in any year.

37. Notice of Committee Meetings shall be given to each Committee Member not less than 5 days before the meeting. When the date of a Committee Meeting is decided at a previous Committee Meeting, all members present at that meeting shall be deemed to have been given notice of the next meeting.

38. Any Committee member may at any time require the Secretary to call a Committee Meeting.

39. Committee members representing not less than 5 member societies personally present shall be a quorum, excluding officers of the Guild present at the meeting.

40. A true record of each Committee Meeting shall be made by the Secretary to be presented at the next Committee Meeting.

41. All proposals shall be approved by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Chairman shall have no right to vote, except where there is an equality of votes.

42. No person co-opted onto the Committee shall automatically acquire voting rights.

43. General - No sub-society or sub-committee may operate within the Guild without the approval of the Executive Committee. Any sub-committee must contain at least one member of the Executive Committee.

44. The action of any member in the Guild’s name must have the prior approval of the Officers of the Committee.

45. In all matters concerning the general running of Guild, the decisions of the Committee shall be final.

46. Rules - Any amendment to these rules shall be made at a General Meeting, with the approval of the majority of the members present.

47. No alteration shall be made to these rules which would cause the Guild to cease to be a charity at law.

48. The Committee shall have the power to enforce these rules upon all members. Any member found in breach of these rules shall, at the discretion of the Committee, cease to be a member, and shall lose the privileges of membership.

49. Every member and prospective member shall be provided with a copy of these rules and any amendment thereto. All members shall be deemed to have read these rules and accepted them in their entirety. No exclusions shall be made for the benefit of individual members. Applications for membership will only be considered on the strict understanding that the applicant accepts these rules in their entirety.