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Beckenham Theatre Centre success at KDA Radio Play Festival 2021

Beckenham Theatre Centre success at KDA Radio Play Festival 2021

Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021



The Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021 Awards Ceremony and Presentations was held online Saturday, 22nd May. We are very pleased to announce that Beckenham Theatre won the award for Best Original Play and came runner up in the other categories we were nominated for. Overall, we came 3rd out of 26 entries which is no mean feat for a small theatre company like ourselves who have been closed for the past 15 months. Only Masquerade from Dartford and our local neighbours, Bromley Little Theatre, came ahead of us.

You can see the full list of winners and runners up by clicking here.

Our own winners and runners up were as follows:

  • RUNNERS UP: Best Actress in a Supporting Role: ALICE YOUNG for Miss Dolly O’Molly and JAIMI SHANAHAN for Poppy Cox
  • RUNNERS UP: Best Technical Achievement
  • RUNNERS UP: Best Use of Music and Sound Effects
  • WINNER: Best Original Play (WAYNE SHERIDAN – writer/director) 

The full list of nominations is available to view here.

Congratulations to Wayne Sheridan for his fantastic achievement as writer, director and joint editor of Monster! he B Movie So Bad They Put It On The Radio.

And thanks too to Amanda Sharpe-Conroy for her brilliant adjudication and to the Kent Drama Association for arranging such a wonderful and popular event – there’s even talking of holding another one next year!

Our entry, Wayne Sheridan’s Monster! The B Movie So Bad They Put It On The Radio, specially adapted, directed and co-edited (with Mike Spencer)

Please take a listen – we’re immensely proud of our achievement as all the recordings were done remotely via Zoom (with two actors contributing their roles from abroad! One from South Africa and the other from North America!) and it was edited separately by Wayne and Mike from their homes. In fact, none of the cast ever met to do the recordings – the only time most of them got together was at the initial readthrough back in December last year.

Here’s the full cast and crew list for the production:


  • PROFESSOR VON PLOTTVIST (Paul Campion) – A super smart scientist with more than just a screw loose
  • HELEN GOODBODY (Freya Finnerty) – All American teen but with a whole lotta attitude
  • BRAD MAJORS (Max Pritchett) – Our clean-cut but cowardly hero
  • GENERAL IG NORANCE (Piers Newman) – The ruff and gruff face of the military
  • MISS DOLLY O’MOLLY (Alice Young) – A geeky military scientist
  • NARRATOR (Mike Savill) – An ode to Twilight zone’s Rod Sterling
  • MONSTER (Paul Baker) – An amalgamation of all your nightmares in one creature
  • VILLHEM VICTIM (Fiona Cullen) – The ever-helpful German lab assistant
  • POPPY COX (Jaimi Shanahan) – A preppy and enthusiastic news reporter
  • SHERIFF DOLITTLE (Paul Baker) – Hillbilly keeper of the peace in Smalltown
  • REDNECK A (Jim Ward) – A slack-jawed yokel named Cletus
  • REDNECK B (Josh Ward) – Another slack-jawed yokel named Cletus
  • PROFESSOR FELIX CITED (Debora Hedges) – The smartest person in the world… so naturally British!
  • STAN RODGERS (Wayne Sheridan) – Cheesy chisel-jawed newsreader
  • MISS NICOLA TESLA (Debbie Griffiths) – Ze foxy French teacher
  • COMPUTER (Emma Berryman) – The Professors super sarcastic artificial intelligence unit
  • THE PRESIDENT (Helen Scott) – Smart, clever and decisive…unlike most presidents
  • THE PIRATE KING (Piers Newman) – A really bad egg in the wrong place
  • PRIVATE STEVE HUMANSHIELD (James Riley) – An over the top “yes man” soldier
  • PRIVATE TONY CANNONFODDER (Giles Tebbitts) – A more over the top “yes man” soldier
  • ALIEN TREVOR (James Riley) – Squeaky voiced alien. Not too bright
  • AUDIENCE (The Spencer Family) – The panto audience who snuck in
  • WAYNE (Wayne Sheridan) – The writer whose ego is so big that he put himself in the play
  • TITLE ANNOUNCER (Wayne Sheridan) – The dude who announces the title?!?!
  • GEORDIE DJ (Phil Cairns) – The DJ turning tracks on the Tyne
  • DEMITRI (Tom Dignum) – The Russian hero who could have saved the day
  • TAXI RANK  (Chris Raven) – The guy we order cabs from
  • BTC COMMITTEE (Clare Spencer) – The voice of reason
  • BORIS JOHNSON (Mike Darbon) – A Moron
  • DIRECTOR (Karen Peters-Parker) – The long-suffering overseer
  • JULIA BONGO (Charis Mostert) – The South African lab assistant
  • PILOT (Tom Collins) – The WW2 British pilot who inexplicably flies bombers for the US Army… in the 50s!
  • STAGEHAND (Margaret Glenn) – The awkward and apologetic announcer with bad news
  • ANNOUNCER (Natalie Jones) – The TV announcer
  • LISTENER (Sophia Danes-Gharbaoui) – The one eager to hear the show
  • ALIENS (4th Beckenham South Scout Troop) – They’re here to take over the world!


  • WRITER AND DIRECTOR  Wayne Sheridan
  •  PRODUCERS  Michael Darbon and Karen Peters-Parker
  • PRODUCTION TEAM AND SOUND DESIGN  Michael Darbon, Chris Raven, Phil Shackleton, Michael Spencer and Wayne Sheridan
  • EDITORS  Wayne Sheridan and Michael Spencer