The Absence of War

 ‘The Absence of War by David Hare’.
  • Chelsfield Village Hall
  • 30th November to 2nd December
  • Tickets £10.00
David Hare wrote this play following a period of time embedded in Neil Kinnock’s election campaign team as they worked towards the 1992 election, which he was expected to win. Although Hare fictionalised his experiences, those of us old enough to remember that time may recognise his unsparing portrait of a Labour Party torn between past principles and future prosperity, and of a deeply sympathetic leader doomed to failure.   Of course, when we planned to produce this play nearly a year ago we didn’t know quite how relevant it might appear to be thirty years on.  Sir Keir Starmer is a different man from Neil Kinnock but are there parallels to be drawn?