A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

After months of restrictions and, for the vast majority of Bromley’s theatre societies, still no prospect of live performance in their venues, we would like to offer a very special opportunity for members of existing societies, those interested in participating in increasing the awareness of local arts, and those with a passion for theatre, music and more, to come together and celebrate the many talents residing in Bromley.

Pauline Armour, Simon Clark, David Evans and Debbie Griffiths, have joined forces as Bromley Community Arts Theatre to direct an open-air production of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Bromley and Sheppard’s College in the heart of Bromley. We encourage all performers, backstage crew, and front of house volunteers to join us to make this a wonderful event. The playing dates are Tuesday 20 July to Saturday 24 July in the evening.

Please contact us by Saturday 24 April at the very latest if you are interested in being involved in this production in any capacity.

If you wish to be considered as a performer we shall be holding auditions for roles in the play on the grounds of Bromley and Sheppard’s College during the day on May 1, 2 and 3. Due to COVID social distancing restrictions, we shall assign a specific time slot for your audition. Once you have expressed interest in auditioning for a role we shall send you an electronic script and the audition pieces and agree on an audition day and time.

Due to the evolving nature of the Covid-19 regulations, cast and crew alike will need to be flexible and adaptable, with an understanding that things could change at a moment’s notice – so all involved will need to be very well prepared for whatever eventuality.

To express your interest in auditioning for this production or working alongside us in any capacity on this exciting journey – please do contact us by 24 April at the latest: bcat@btinternet.com

Please do share this with all your local contacts and help us to bring theatre back to Bromley with a bang!

Pauline Armour

Simon Clark

David Evans

Debbie Griffiths