Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021

The Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021 Awards Ceremony and Presentations were held online Saturday, 22nd May.

Three of Bromley Theatre Guild’s theatre companies had entries in the Festival, including Bromley Little Theatre who entered an extremely effective and haunting production of Euripides’ Greek tragedy, The Trojan Women, Beckenham Theatre Centre, who presented a self-penned, screwball, aliens comedy from Wayne Sheridan called Monster! The B Movie So Bad They Put It On The Radio and Leap Productions entered a horror story called Mr Morgan’s Bucket of Blood by Steve Doran. Bromley Little Theatre and Beckenham Theatre Centre both won major awards with BLT picking up the Best Supporting Actress Award for Bethan Boxall and BTC winning Best Original Play for Wayne Sheridan.  All three societies won several runners-up certificates between them with Bromley Little Theatre finishing second in the Festival overall and Beckenham Theatre Centre third out of 26 entries.

We want to give you an opportunity to listen to as many of the plays as possible that are still available online. Some, unfortunately, including the overall winner, Dartford group Masquerade’s Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson, are not available for copyright reasons. However, the links below should take you to productions that are still available for you to listen to via the societies’ websites or on YouTube:

Click on a play title to view on YouTube.

You can see a full list of all the entries on the KDA website by clicking here.