A Bad Year for Tomatoes

Maybe for the tomatoes, though not for Farnborough Dramatic Society who continued their post- covid momentum with this, their latest production from 19 – 21 May. A cast of 7 brought the ingenuous local inhabitants of a small New England town in the 70’s into unlikely contact with celebrity film icon Myra Marlowe who had arrived out of the blue to seek escape from the limelight in order to write her memoirs. What followed was a zany comedy as the eccentric townsfolk soon made Myra wonder what she had let herself in for. While the excellent cast handled their characters’ ‘all round’ American accent comfortably I was particularly amused by Mark Hollidge’s (Piney) slow homespun drawl.

Well done again FDS and good luck with ‘A Bad Year for Tomatoes’, their entry alongside Bromley Little Theatre’s ‘Taken at Midnight’ in this year’s Kent Drama Association Full-Length Play Festival. Two entries from the Borough from a total of 8 across Kent? C’mon FDS and BLT!

Brian McEwan